Introducing the blog, and Yoghurt the Cat!

After days of deleting/reading old blogs, creating a new one, fixing the theme, header, font size and font type and adding some words on the front page, I am finally writing an inaugural post. I really miss writing, and feel that my writing has lost a lot of spark over my years of teaching. So here I am, trying to see if I can rekindle that love that I think I have lost over years of mere bureaucratic verbose drab.

When I choose the title ‘Text & Tastebuds’, I was thinking of dedicating this blog to just, writing reviews of books I read and sharing pictures or thoughts about food I like. But I realise I have other things that I love that I think I want to write about too. Like, teaching and travelling. So here is my grand plan. I am going to write at least 1 post each day, dedicating each post to either the Text, the Tastebud, the Teaching and the Travels. But now as I am writing this, I also realise that I love OTHER things too! Like, Family. Like, my Husband’s antics. Like, random thoughts and contemplations. So, now I am not sure if I know what this blog is going to be about anymore. 🙂 But that is a good problem. 🙂

Oh yes! How can I forget about my Cat! How could I EVER. So there. Yoghurt (that’s his name) will have his posts too.

(Hmm. I think I have subconsciously created tags.)

Anyway, today, I am going to share some pictures of my cat. I don’t know why my husband and I have a cat. It is all so very sudden. I don’t grow up liking cats. Or animals for that matter. I grew up, thinking that they are dirty things, that will dirty your house, that will make your living space unsuitable for solat (prayers), that are dangerous because these things bite. And scratch. But this year (this year has been the year for many firsts! but this deserves a post on its own), I just happened to find… cats… cute. Like suddenly, there is this desire, to adopt one. To have one. I was yearning for… a cat’s company? Weird, I know. Considering to an extent, one can say that I am scared of cats. Just a little, maybe! So this one day, I was looking through FB and saw that a dear colleague is volunteering at a cattery and she was organising an adoption drive. So I thought, I’d give her a call and drop by and look see look see. Voila! My husband and I went home WITH a cat! We spent 3 hours at the cattery AND merely left that place with a CAT! I don’t know why the husband LAYAN-ed me but yes. Now we are a family of 3. My husband has entertained my needs for random things many times, and THIS is sure on the top of the list.

So here it is. Our domestic shorthair. With a rather distinctive, asymmetrical mark on his tiny little nose. OH! And he has this… tail. It looks broken, but it can MOVE! On its own! Haiz. Describing him is making me all teary. This cat, is actually, a REAL gem. a REALLY REAL GEM! His antics are just so cute, and now I don’t think I can imagine life without him. 😦 Today, my husband and I are leaving for a holiday (we planned this holiday WAY before Yoghurt appeared in the faintest memory we had of him) and I am actually having some kind of separation anxiety. 😦 I think I am going to cry tonight.



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