Year End Holiday before 2017


I am now spending a little quiet time, uploading photos from my Samsung S7 to my Macbook Air. Struggling with it because the Android and the Apple are just, two different systems and it is just my luck for liking and using them for different reasons. It is definitely so troublesome and leceh that I have to ‘share’ the photos on my S7 with Google Drive, and then download them off Google Drive onto my Macbook Air. But nonetheless, it is an endeavour that I must go through simply because I really LOVE the 825 photos I took on this trip! Looking through them allows me to relive the experience(s) AGAIN and I will then wish for the holiday to start AGAIN and to go through all that (with minor adjustments, of course) AGAIN! So, in order not to waste time, I am writing this post WHILE waiting for the whole troublesome process to be done.

So very early this year, my husband and I decided that we need to revisit one of our favourite places in the world thus far, and that is London, at the end of the year. It has been a tiring AND trying year (with our respective appointments at work and all) and we felt that maybe… it would be good to go away for a short while! But we cannot JUST go to London! I mean, we are ALREADY THERE, like… in EUROPE or that part of the world. So we looked at the map and checked the airline tickets and all and looked at Airbnb options and said…”Hey… Spain looks accessible!” And we decided that, we should focus on the south of Spain, in particular, the Andalusian region. So we further decided to explore the cities with Islamic history, so that will be Granada, Seville and Cordoba. And then, I was looking at the map again and realised that… ehhh… once I am in the south of Spain, I am TECHNICALLY (VERY!) near to Morocco and the entire research process started again. (Which I was very excited about because if I can step foot onto Morocco, it TECHNICALLY means I would have stepped foot onto AFRICA! Or North Africa for that matter.) And the thing about me is, once I am excited, I will kind of make sure or try very very hard to make it happen. SO, once again, the rigorous research started! And we made it happen! So the list became London-Granada-Seville-Cordoba-Marrakech. Then we looked at our list again and he said… “But I want to spend some time in Liverpool” and I said “And I think I want to visit Oxford!”. And so, we decided to extend our stay in London.

So our itinerary, in short, became like this.

London (2 nights) – Granada (2 nights) – Seville/Cordoba (3 nights) – Marrakech (3 nights) – Liverpool/Oxford/London (6 nights)


So with an itinerary like that (there are, of course, other factors like affordable flights, good enough accommodation, and relatively calm political situations, both domestic and international), we were both really excited. Well, I was, I think, visibly more excited than my husband and had started to look forward to the trip, all the way since August. My husband was more… careful with his emotions. He preferred (all the time) to keep his expectations at bay, so that he wouldn’t be disappointed. 🙂

Definitely, while we were planning, there were hiccups along the way. Our return OmanAir flight was cancelled and we had to be channelled to other available flights (twice!). My husband’s Liverpool game against Everton (Merseyside Derby!) was pushed to a different date. British Airways flight to Granada was conveniently cancelled. And one of the Airbnb hosts cancelled our reservation last minute. But despite all these, we strive and just had to make the trip happen! And Alhamdulillah, we were really very thankful that we made it back to SG in one piece.

So let’s try to do this post in a slightly different way, because we simply CANNOT talk about 825 photos. Let’s try by asking… Questions, and I will dedicate a post to each of these questions.

Question 1: What is special about London this time round, compared to 2 years ago?

Question 2: What have we learnt from Andalusian Spain?

Question 3: How is Marrakech a significant closure to our Andalusian experience?

And there! Till these posts are ready and photos are processed!



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