To 2017

After the 16-days holiday, it feels great to be able to unpack quickly, upload and collate photos and write captions, look through the house and see what else need to be bought… before the holidays come to a close.

It may seem like a useless endeavour, but I am determined to be a more efficient person soon. It may sound like another one of those useless new year resolution posts but I think it is good to set, some targets.

I’ve prepared my Starbucks planner and even draw up a checklist for solat and simple exercises to be completed each day. It struck me that to-do list should not be about work. You need to create to-do lists for your spiritual and health aspects, and also your creative aspect. Time must be set aside, or you will never make time for them.

So I figured, it is TIME for me to pay attention to all these other parts. Work is just A part of my life. 🙂

To 2017.



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